WOODPINS designs, produces and distributes private label fashion jewellery for the premium and exclusive fashion and lifestyle segment. In particular, we have successfully established ourselves in the art and museum sector, where the exclusive reproduction of works of art on high-quality premium jewellery at affordable prices has already found many enthusiasts.

Since 1999 the company ESCAPULARIO designs, produces and distributes costume jewellery successfully in the upmarket and exclusive fashion and lifestyle segment. Focus has always been on its own design language and sustainability. The basic material is almost exclusively high-quality wood that grows in ecologically harmless, sustainable and healthy plantations in Brazil. Together with our Brazilian manufacturer, we have developed processes that allow us to reproduce almost any type of image, representation, graphic, or simply any  form with almost fidelity to the original on highclass wood.

In recent years we have concentrated more on the private label sector and therefore created the label „WOODPINS“. Especially in the field of art and museums we were able to establish ourselves successfully, where the exclusive reproduction of artworks on affordable, yet high-quality premium jewellery has already found many enthusiasts.

Another special feature of the WOODPINS ART COLLECTION is the relatively low initial quantity. Starting from 100 pieces per design, which attracts also interesting for temporary exhibitions, or even smaller galleries project-related. But also allows e.g. exclusive, limited and numbered Collectors collections. Even large print runs are handled professionally. Our services range from product design, development and production to external warehousing, logistics and joint project and budget planning. Packaging and presentation at POS is also an important issue.


sustainability • wood • lightweight

individualization starting from a quantity of just 100 pieces • exclusivity

Collectors Collection (limited editions, numbered consecutively) • individual packaging

value • haptics • high resolution print

service • reliability